Sharing is caring 2018

 “Sharing is Caring” is our community’s project designed to provide Christmas for children in Whitfield County who are living in poverty or whose family’s circumstances might prevent them from receiving Christmas gifts. 

The goals of the program are simple:
• Provide a similar Christmas for families that we desire for our own families.
• Address the complete needs of families and provide resources to help them be able to create their own Christmases in the future.
• Protect the families’ dignity by allowing them to choose and give the gifts to their children as well as celebrate Christmas in their own ways.
• Create equality of gifts that families will receive throughout the community.
• Work together as a whole community to build parent capacity and empower families.

FINANCIALLY: Help purchase needed items for the store!
Make checks payable to ChristChurch Presbyterian and in the FOR: line, write Sharing is Caring

DONATE TOYS, CLOTHING, ETC.: (Bring your donations to the CHURCH PARLOR before December 7)
NEW TOYS: New toys for ages infant to 18 years are needed! Toys must be new and should be valued in the $20-$30 range. If the toy needs batteries, please tape appropriate batteries to the toy. Please no bikes or large toys! 
NEW CLOTHING: New clothing and shoes are needed in all sizes

GIVE AWAY ITEMS: Blankets, batteries for toys, and hygiene items will all be given to families.

• Christmas Store: Saturday, December 15th- Helping parents shop for items in the Christmas Store, giving families give away items, such as blankets, batteries for toys, etc.; and assisting families with loading gifts in cars.