Ballet Magnificat!

At ChristChurch Presbyterian

January 31st     7pm     the rec place

free admission with limited seating

Doors open at 6:30 PM

Ballet Magnificat!’s professional touring companies present over 200

programs each year throughout the United States and abroad. They have been guests on the “700 Club”, TBN, at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, and the Christian Music Artists Seminar in Estes Park. Internationally, the companies have delivered compelling programs on such themes as forgiveness, hope, and joy, for audiences in Germany, Puerto Rico, The Netherlands, Greece, Costa Rica, Israel, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Cayman Islands, Honduras, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Belize, Italy, France, Kosovo, Macedonia, Colombia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Armenia, Croatia, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Kenya, and South Africa.

To Find out more about Ballet Magnificat, visit their website by clicking here!

d e l i v e r  u s !

Experience one of Ballet Magnificat!’s most popular and longest touring ballets, Deliver Us! Set to the music of Dreamworks’ The Prince of Egypt, this riveting story will jump off the stage and into your life!

Under the blazing Egyptian sun within the shadow of the pyramids, the enslaved Jewish people cry out for a deliverer. One man, Moses, challenges Pharaoh and leads the people to freedom - a vivid prophetic picture pointing to the Easter story of what Jesus Christ did on Calvary.

“Why tell fairy tales when you can bring to the stage such an alluring story of courage and faith that will challenge us to the core?” said Jiri Voborsky, Choreographer of Deliver Us!

Deliver Us! was first performed in 2001, and has since been performed in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and the Middle East, for countless audience members.