our mission

ChristChurch Presbyterian exists to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus as an Evangelical, Presbyterian, Reformed, and Missional congregation. 

our vision

To the glory of God, ChristChurch Presbyterian aspires to be part of a global movement of congregations engaged together in God’s mission through transformation, multiplication and effective biblical leadership, embodying Jesus’ love to our neighbors near and far. 

our identity


We commit to the authority of the Word of God and that Word proclaimed as the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We commit to active involvement in connectional ministry, relationship, and elder-led representative governance.


We commit to the Westminster Confession of Faith, and attendant Catechisms, that preserves our allegiance to the historic tenets of the Reformed Faith.


We commit to the mission of Jesus Christ to seek and to save the lost in our neighboring communities and beyond by expanding the kingdom of God through the multiplication of disciples, leaders and churches.


We commit to a vital and healthy congregational life that is prayer-filled and spiritually alive, that is engaged in purposeful ministry and is growing by conversion, and that is organizationally and financially viable.